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What is OOOFTA?

Let’s start with a definition: Uff da (sometimes also spelled huffda, uff-da, uffda, uff-dah, oofda, ufda, ufdah, oofta, OOOFTA (that’s us) or uf daa): is an exclamation or interjection expressing bafflement, surprise, or dismay. Of Norwegian origin, the phrase was brought by Scandinavian Americans in the upper Midwest, New England, and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States.

OOOFTA is a load carrying backpack that can transform into a habitable space suitable for protective sleeping and protective cover. The transformative aspect of Ooofta backpacks change it from a backpack into an extended protective cocoon suitable for sleeping within that is lightweight and strong. OOOFTA offers protections against predatory animals, weather, insects, and other environmental hazards. It’s what distinguishes OOOFTA from all other backpacks.

The inspiration for US PAT 9,629,444 Patented invention, OOOFTA, simply stemmed from experiences with outdoor activities.

The fact is that anyone that has backpacked or trekked an outdoors mission or adventure knows the value of light weight and volume for bringing along those things that are mission necessary and needed to make the outdoors experience comfortable. Let’s face it … we’ve all experienced nights sleeping out in the back country with mosquito’s buzzing us all night or hearing the rustle of vegetation and the fear of the possibility of encountering a marauding predatory animal in the dark of night and have endured bad weather of uncomfortable proportions and so from these practicalities of the great outdoors experiences the inspiration of the invention US pat 9,629,444 and OOOFTA was created so that comfort and safety in the outdoor environment would be no further away than the load carrying backpack on your back.

The design incorporates materials and features that preserve rigidity and has natural insulating properties from cold and from heat and convenience accessories like integrated legs that can deploy to keep a person off the ground, and MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rails where the sky’s-the-limit for attaching all sorts of devices and accessories to the backpack, be it gun rack, fishing pole holder, lights, strobes, bear spray canisters, skis, gyro-stabilized cameras, geographical information sensors, lights, drones, or whatever else suits your fancy.

And the adaptable modularity gets better by incorporating a fabric cover for the outer backpack hull that uses a MOLLE system for further configuring for outer storage with universal additional attachments tailored to mission specifics and convenience. We’ve also included roller wheels for airport portability and or use as luggage.

“Welcome to the Revolution”

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