OOOFTA LOGO 'Welcome to the Revolution'

How does OOOFTA work?

1) Your tack is stored inside the backpack in a removable bag
2) Remove your tack bag and expand OOOFTA by pulling out the inner hull / hull(s) and deploy the legs.
3) Hop in and close the hatches.

General Specifications

Compressed Dimensions:
(L) 34″H x 19/22″W x 15″D

Expanded Dimensions:
(L) 6’5″L x 19/22″W x 15″D

Tack Volume (Maximum):
(L) 110 Liters

Empty Weight:

  • Less than 19lbs

Hull Materials Composition:

  • Carbon Fiber / or other material / and or Injection Molded

  • High Young’s Modulus

Thermal Conductivity:
50 BTU/(hr*ft*F)

Flame Retardant / or other materials

  • Carbon Fiber / or other / Injection Molded, that is naturally flame retardant … combined with flame resistant resin system and reflective sock.


  • Tote wheels

  • MIL-STD-1913 PICATINNY Rails

  • Fish Pole Holder

  • Gun Holder

  • Legs

  • Plexiglass Window

  • Outer fabric hull-cover

  • Drone/Solar Panel Port

  • Interior Pad

  • Gyro Stabilized Camera

  • Lights

  • Charging Ports